MB HELI AG, ZÜRICH was founded in 1991. Our clientele includes individuals, excursion passengers and business travellers flying abroad. Interested in work and cargo flights or transporting large passenger groups? You've found the right place!

Markus Baumann
Team Member

Flight Instructor for Privat and Professional Pilots
Founder and CEO of MB HELI AG, ZÜRICH
As a professional pilot and flight instructor, Markus Baumann has many years of flying experience in both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, amounting to several thousand hours of flying time. He caught the helicopter and aviation virus in 1985 and has never recovered.

Boris Zollikofer
Team Member

Professional Helicopter Pilot and Flight Instructor
Of professional electrical engineering from the telecommunications specialist has been affected since 2000 by the aviation virus. He is a professional helicopter pilot, flight instructor and recently married.
The flight enthusiasm he conveys its passengers with great dedication.

Team Member


Instead of walking off the floor, you can admire our breathtaking helicopter ride many famous attractions of Switzerland from the air. Several scenic flights we have in the program, including an unforgettable hike with Brünigpass, Eiger North Face and other glaciers!

Air Taxi

We'll fly you to any town in or near Switzerland or to any of about 50 mountain landing fields in Switzerland.
The prices below also apply to photography or film flights and skydiving. Helicopters with sliding doors and safety harnesses are available for photographers Offer

Wedding Flights

Our speciality: Fly with us to the 7th heaven!

Fly with us for example in only 20 minutes to the Lake Sempach at the Hotel Vogelsang. Within another 20 minutes it is also the Hotel Honegg on the beautiful Lake Lucerne reachable. Or what about a 30 minutes flight to the gourmet Restaurant Gupf in the nice canton Appenzell near the Saentis Peak ?

BELL JET RANGER 206B CHF 25.- / Min. bzw. CHF 1'500.- / Stunde
EUROCOPTER EC120B "COLIBRI" CHF 32.- / Min. bzw. CHF 1'920.- / Stunde

plus 8% VAT. Maximum 4 passengers per flight. Fuel surcharge, 'EcoBonus' etc. reserved.


Our BELL JET RANGER 206B and EUROCOPTER EC120B 'COLIBRI' helicopters are professionally maintained by reputable companies.
All our helicopters have 4 passenger seats plus 1 pilot. They are equipped with modern GPS satellite receivers and have special
noise insulation.
At your request we will fly with a two-pilots crew. We employ highly experienced flight instructors and professional pilots.
At a cruising speed of 200-220 km/h, you travel in comfort and arrive well-rested at your destination, which can be anywhere
within a radius of up to 600 kilometres away from Zurich.
Note: official travel agencies commission is 10% of flight rates.


MB HELI AG, ZURICH is licensed by the Federal Office for Civil Aviation according FAA and EASA rules.

Our close relationship with other companies also give us access to bigger helicopters for any cargo and sling flights,
twin-engine helicopters for instrument flights as well as any business jets and limousine services  etc.


Route 1 - for Beginners

Departing from Kloten, we fly via Embrach - Winterthur - Andelfingen and the island monastery of Rheinau to the roaring waters of the Rhine falls!

Price per  Person CHF 250.-
Flight time 30 Minutes
Round trip map Route 1
Clothing Ordinary leisure wear
Gift certificate order

Route 2 - the popular one-hour flight

Starting from Kloten, we pass over the city of Zurich Oberland to Toggenburg, continuing over Säntis - the Churfirsten and Walensee with a stop at a mountain inn. The return flight is via Winterthur and Embrach!

Price per Person CHF 500.-
Flight time 60 Minutes
Round trip map Route 2
Clothing ordinary leisure wear
Gift certificate order

Route 3 - in the middle of the Switzerland

From Kloten, our flight path passes over the City of Zurich and Lake Zurich to Lake Sihl. Passing Einsiedeln, we fly over the Mythen, Lake Lucerne, Pilatus and Lucerne to the Rigi. After a stop at a restaurant with a magnificent view, we continue via Lake Zug - Reusstal Bremgarten back to Kloten!


Price per Person CHF 500.-
Flight time 60 Minutes
Round trip map Route 3
Cothing Ordinary leisure wear
Gift certificate order

Route 4 - the pearl amoung our excursions

From Kloten we fly via Zurich - Zug - Rigi - Pilatus - Bruenig Pass - Grindelwald - Eiger-North Face - Jungfraujoch over the Aletsch Glacier past several 4000-metre peaks to the Petersgrat Glacier. There - or at the nearby Mutthorn Cottage on the Kanderfirn we make a stop midst of a magnificent mountain panorama surrounded by rock and ice. After, we pass the Schilthorn, Interlaken, Lake Sempach and Bremgarten to return to our departure point at Kloten!

Preis pro Person CHF 750.-
reine Flugzeit ca 90 Minuten
Routenplan Route 4
Kleidung Windjacke, gute Schuhe
Gutschein bestellen


The above routes are perfect for gift certificates. 
We fly every weekend by good weather (4 passengers per flight).
You can reach us every day between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. - Why you don´t call us!
Directions: heading toward the airport, take the Kloten-Süd exit to the GAC (General Aviation Center) - 3rd floor.
Give us a call and arrange an appointment with us.


Bei der MB HELI  erhalten Sie die komplette Ausbildung vom Einsteiger bis zum Profipiloten auf verschiedenen Helikoptertypen zu fairen Preisen. 










enTyp: EC 120 "COLIBRI"
enKennzeichen: HB - ZHD
enTurbine: Turbomeca Arrius 2F / 510 PS
enReisegeschwindigkeit: 220 km/h
enSitzplätze: 5


Our customers have made many great experiences. When you make your own experience?


In an alpine flight with us you are on the safe side and can enjoy this experience completely! MB HELI also offers helicopter flights to other destinations in Switzerland. Some impressions and pictures you can see in our photo album on this page.


Altuelle news, scenic flights, Taxiflüge- and training flights in the region of Zurich and throughout Switzerland


If you have any questions about our flight school, or learn more about the tours, we offer the BB HELI AG, you can use this form. Join us to explore the Zurich region and other exciting landmarks in Switzerland, directly from the helicopter!

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